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if west virginia was in a position to perhaps win , wirin either way, a david versus g go lieith -- goliath type feel. >> jim: no question. >> clark: and butler has been working towards this opportunity for a long time. >> jim: good feed, smith goes inside to ebanks. >> clark: one of the few times we have seen that tonight, jim, and usually west virginia will get a couple of baskets a half on that type of cut but duke has done a really good job of pressuring the ball and being in good position as a team to take away some of the curls and back cuts. >> jim: the first points of the second half for ebanks. scheyer. gets past the defenders. >> clark: everything that we talk about at the top of the telecast that west virginia needed to do, defend the 3-point shot, rebound the basketball, contain dribble penetration. [whistle] >> clark: it has not happened. >> jim: another call against thomas. how about the big three? talking about singler, smith, scheyer. for the duke blue devils. >> clark: they have all been stellar and nolan smith has done it with the penetration and 3-point shot ma
forward. or even if west virginia was in a position to perhaps win , wirin either way, a david versus g go lieith -- goliath type feel. >> jim: no question. >> clark: and butler has been working towards this opportunity for a long time. >> jim: good feed, smith goes inside to ebanks. >> clark: one of the few times we have seen that tonight, jim, and usually west virginia will get a couple of baskets a half on that type of cut but duke has done a really good job of pressuring the ball and being in good position as a team to take away some of the curls and back cuts. >> jim: the first points of the second half for ebanks. scheyer. gets past the defenders. >> clark: everything that we talk about at the top of the telecast that west virginia needed to do, defend the 3-point shot, rebound the basketball, contain dribble penetration. [whistle] >> clark: it has not happened. >> jim: another call against thomas. how about the big three? talking about singler, smith, scheyer. for the duke blue devils. >> clark: they have all been stellar and nolan smith has done it with the penetration and 3-point
. that virginia tech ball club, if they won that game, they would have gone to the series. >> jason: florida state second place in the atlanta division behind klemm klemm sen. trailing klemm sen by two games. miami trailing georgia tech by one game in the coastal division. miami will have to win tonight to keep pace with the yellow jackets drilling the blue devils. miami doesn't face georgia tech until the month of may. the 14th through the 16th in atlanta. jason morris will face his former college baseball team. morris came to coral gables via georgia tech and hasn't. so that's the series to look forward to. the pitch is inside just as miami trails georgia tech their first place in the coastal division, the virginia cavaliers trail miami by just one game for t the it. stri by can you remember? >> i don't think it mattered. i was so small at the plate, i didn't have a strike zone. >> jason: any freshman hazing as we see miami for the first time tonight go down in a still evasive attempt and a very late jump by david villasuso. >> i'm not sure if that was a the hit-and-run. you saw villasuso looki
the break. maryland looking for an incredible rally against virginia. we are growing their next in sports. >> is powerball, america's favorite jackpot game. estimated jackpot is $103.5 million. tonight you are multiplier is the no. 4. 15-59-52-10-31. your powerball tonight is the no. 4. no. 4. >> it is not today to cash in on the opportunity that today is international pillow fight day. in paris, the feathers were flying as dozens of fighters converged for a 15 minute by. a similar scene played out in brussels. earlier in the newscast, we showed you some of the more traditional easter celebrations both here and around the world. this is definitely not one of them. the royal easter show in sydney australia, organizers showcase -- ducks and dressed up in a homemade alcohol, that you are not seeing. -- homemade outfits. happy easter, everyone. >> the butler bulldogs never before past the sweet 16. that will play for a national championship. we can tell you all about it. moeller knocked of michigan state and one tonight, 52-50 -- but were knocked off of michigan state tonight. they celebrated
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to be possible? who knows. maryland and virginia square-off in a prime-time la cros tilt. >> and plus the capitals trying to set a franchise road on the road in >>> espn reporter erin andrews has beefed up her personal security. she's received more than a dozen death threats. the e-mails have been described as explicitly violent. last month a 48-year-old insurance executive was sentenced to more than two years in prison for secretly viotaping andrews in her hotel room. andrews' attorney says he does not believe that the two cases are link said. meanwhile, andrews' asked abc for more security on the set of "dancing with the stars" that's where she's currently a contestant. >>> an important recall to tell you about, it involves something that could be throughout your entire house, drywall. fumes from some drywall made in china may be dangerous to your health. they have a sulf idcompound that gives off a recent egg smell. the federal government says removing that drywall will not be enough, the official with the consumer of product says drywall should be gutted. for one virginia family,
the customer virginia, south carolina, there is no oil fields on shore there. why do you think there will be big oil field offshore? >> why bother? the governor of virginia loves the idea, he is thinking jobs. so do virginia's two democratic senators, and maryland's two democratic senators do not like it. >> we now -- we kn there is -- we knkow there is a saudi arabia of l in alaska. anwr remains shut if we get started in 1996, when clinton shouted down, we would have 1 million barrels, 10% of our import. the oil is in the west. that is why it is so odd. >> the oil and gas industry actually seemed pleased by this. of course they would like war, but they seemed pleased by this. the republican leadership -- of course there would like more, but they seemed pleased by this. the republican leadership in congress is sort of pooh- poohing 8. they are talking about opening up silda stuff in the desert, the equivalent of 30 coal-fired utility, electricity plants. this is a big, thoreau, interesting proposal. i am sure it has flaws, i am sure it does not please the environmentalists or t
with the final four and the national championship is set. duke against west virginia last night for the chance to advance. the blue devils downed the mountaineers, 78-57 thanks in part to john shier. duke will meet underdog butler on monday night. the hometown bulldog beat michigan state 52-50. gordon heyward scored 19 points. butler will appear in the ncaa title game for the first time in school history. >>> on the ice, alexander semin scored his goal ensuring the victory. >>> yesterday kevin youkilis hit a 2 two-run homer. the nats fall 6-1. opening day is monday against the phillies. that's your sports minute. >>> we now know gilbert arenas will serve his time at a halfway house in montgomery county. he pleaded guilty back in january to possessioning a gun without a license. a judge sentenced him to 400 hours of community service and 30 days in a halfway house. arenas will serve his time at the montgomery county pre-release center, which allows residents to leave for work or community service. arenas' arrival date has not been released for security reasons. but it is expected to happen soon
on this easter sunday begins with the final four and the national championship is set. duke against west virginia last night for the chance to advance. the blue devils downed the mountaineers, 78-57 thanks in pa to john shier. he scored 23 points. duke will go for its fourth national championship in school history. duke will meet underdobutler on monday night. the hometown bulldogs beat michigan state 52-50. sophomore gordon heyward led the way scoring 19 points. butler wins its 25th straight game and will appear in the ncaa title game for the first time in school history. >>> on the ice, capitals in columbus. alexander semin scored his 38th goal of the season, the caps win it 3-2 setting a franchise record with their 51st victory. in baseball, the nationals wrapped up spring training against the red sox yesterday. kevin youkilis hit a two-run homer in the first inning and the sox never looked back. the nats fall 6-1. opening day is monday against the phillies. that's your sports minute. him hakem dermish. have a happy easter. >> thank you. >>> well, with you now know wizards guard gilbert arenas
. partly cloudy skies across the area right now. the panhandle of west virginia beginning to clear out. ocean city reporting 62 degrees. today pittsburgh and cleveland, they have record high temperatures. we will look for a really nice day, and mix of sun and clouds. partly cloudy and cool for the overnight, temperatures in the 50's. tomorrow morning, temperatures reach down from the 50's into the 60's. here is a look at to the extended outlook. it is really nice for the start of the work week. near 80 degrees at the nationals game. but showers on thursday. cooler temperatures as we end the upcoming week. it is above average for this time of year. >> looking good. >> the final four played tonight. we will tell you who is in and who is out. we [ howard ] natalie is the last one to leave home. but not a moment too soon, right? howard and linda were saving for natalie's college since she was born. she's going to need a lot of stuff. those everyday things we didn't plan on. so we showed them how wachovia's way2save program could help. ♪ every time they swipe their check card to make a p
night. the canes defeat the the owls last wednesday 2-5. then miami on the road against the virginia tech hokeys. and virginia tech a win in talahassee last night. last check had a one run lead over the florida state seminoles this evening as well. once again a change in the lineup for wake forest. shane kroker is substituted for
. 39-31 at the half. a scary moment in the second half. butler, the heart and soul of west virginia's team, he injures his knee in this hard collision. he was in some pretty obvious pain. huggins came out to console his star player. butler did not return hand duke won it and -- return and duke won it. they will play in the championship monday night. that's all for tonight. please join us tomorrow night, same time, same place. thanks for joining us. have a good night and happy easter.
can find it in the history of views about woman-hating. at the time of loving vs. virginia in 1967, amazingly late, 16 states both prohibited and punished marriages across racial lines. furthermore, although states were always required to honor divorces performed in other states that had more lenient divorce residence requirements than their own, that was not the case. with interracial marriage. though, it's the only parallel to the defense of marriage act. state that has laws like that refused to recognize marriages between blacks and whites legally contracted elsewhere. and they even criminalized those marriages. the supreme court case that brought about the overturning of the case loving vs. virginia was such a case. middler jeter african-american and richard loving, white, got married in washington, d.c., in 1958. but their marriage -- notice in race, too, d.c. was in the vanguard so this is interesting. their marriage, however, was not recognized as legal in their home state of virginia. when they returned there they were arrested in the middle of the night in their own bedroo
it in the history of the views about eight to get the time of loving versus virginia in 1967 and raising the elite, 16 states both prohibited and punished marriages across the racial lines furthermore although the states were always required to honor to force performed in other states that had more leaning into force residence requirements than their own that was not the case with interracial marriage so it is the only parallel to the defense if they're attacked three states that have laws refused to recognize marriages between black and white contract elsewhere and the even criminalize those marriages. the supreme court case that brought up the overturning of the antimiscegenation laws, loving versus virginia was such a case african-american and richard fluffing got married in washington, d.c. in 1958 but their marriage notice increase, too was in the vanguard so this is interesting their marriage was not recognized as legal in the home state of virginia. when they returned they were addressed in the middle of the light in the bedroom with a framed copy of the marriage certificate hanging over th
't going to virginia. so he has gone and convinced the british that there is going to be an attack on staten island. and then, the eventual result is the fact that his army and the french army are able to move across new jersey without being attacked and as i am sure most of you are aware, make it down to virginia and cornwallis surrenders at yorktown. that gives you pretty much of a run through on the spycraft that was used during the american revolution. there are many more codes and ciphers that are in the book, and at this point, i would like to open it up to some questions. hopefully i will have some answers. we have won back their. wait for the mic please. >> could you comment on nathan hale? >> nathan hale was absolutely a very poor spy. i don't know if you are familiar with what has been found out. british general, the scottish general by the name of grant, his papers were found images become recently available. in there he identifies that robert rogers actually got hail to tell him that he was a spy and what the mission was, and hale should have kept his mouth shut. what h
there is a case in virginia that we know of. there's also a spy who carried messages from london to paris, the benjamin franklin. used false eels. on his boots to carry the message. washington's deception. now the one thing i do have to say about washington. assembly who never told a lie, he certainly stretched the truth an awful lot. [laughter] >> up in cambridge when he first takes over the american army, they were down to actually nine rounds per min. nine shots, that was it. as far as the game under and gunpowder they had in him in him. he knew there were british spies going around the american camp, so what he did is he had a shipment of barrels brought up from providence, rhode island, mark don bauder. the only problem is inside the barrels was and. so the british spies would go back and report that the americans had plenty of gunpowder, and they be able to keep the sea shepherd for a long time. he also did a thing called a troop multiplication at morristown, when after the battles of trenton and princeton, the american army goes up and he can set more than. and while there, normall
on the road in the acc as he did this evening. wake forest was able to defeat virginia tech. there's a swing and a miss for two strike outs here for miranda. and also a victory at home against nc state. it marks the 21st and that one resolved. here we are in the tenth tonight. and three extra innings played the one mentioned as well and an 11 inning loss. it's 3-2 on march 17th. and a victory and a loss and one innings to ken state back in february. >> they are signature wins but much more than being a signature win if they aren't able to prove that. it's not that you are beating the hurricanes at home for the hurricanes but you are beating them having played what most people call a poor game. you a gave up so many errors in a ball game and getting in the way. and for coach walters to squeak this out and tell the young team we played as bad as you can imagine. it would be a huge victory for the program. for the hurricanes to say,, you know, we have a team in here that we think we are better than and we have more talent then they have and had sixors. we have to get a lot better. if not, it wi
-founder of and helps people fix their gizmos without going to the store. so he headed to virginia, bought the i pad, took it apart and posted pictures of the insides before it went on sale on the west coast. >>> well here are some other stories expected to make headlines in the week ahead. march madness comes to an end. the men's division wraps up with the national championship gave live from lukeal oil station in indianapolis. tip off is at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. >>> timothy geithner travels to india to launch a new partnership on tuesday. president obama announced the initiative back in november. the southern republican leadership conference kicks off in new orleans on thursday and although this event normally receives a good showing from g.o.p. presidential homefuls this year mitt romney and tim pawlenty are opting out. >>> and gates open for the first round of the 2010 masters and all eyes on that man right there, tiger woods. this is his first tournaments since reports of his infidelity surfaces late last year. >>> and an annual tradition and the right to spring. the white h
previous title games, they've lost all four. they moved to a chance to light up west virginia from outside the out and led by john's 23 points and they tied a record by dropping 13 free pointers an now, they'll try to shoot down the bulldogs on monday night. yeah, it will be a big story, i'm sure, people are calling butler the cinderella and duke the big time program. it's going to be a fight. thigh eve earned all they've achieved and they're guys you look up to. they write the books and i get to read them. and the bulldogs had a great defense i have effort -- defensive effortyesterday. they'll have a game time decision also about the concussion -- >> and that's the game tomorrow, butler and duke. the coverage starts at 9:00 p.m.. >>> and with the oh's -- o's start two days away, they designated the infielder robert odino for aitem and they'll start tonight 15 dl list with a sore hamstring. they'll start tuesday in tampa against the ray's and baltimore's home opener is friday. you can catch it on wjz for a pregame show and the game's first pitch at 3:05 against the blue jays. also, i want
year. >>> new this week, an update on the five northern virginia men of plotting terror attacks in pakistan. their trial started midweek. if convicted the men can face life in prison. we have more. >> reporter: in pakistan, the police chief testified he had strong evidence that the five men planned to attack specific targets. he's one of the six witnesses who took the stand. five americans have said that they are innocent and that they were tortured in jail. they used to worship together at this mosque in alexandria until they went missing in november. a month later they were arrested in pakistan. one father attended the proceedings along with representatives of the u.s. consulate. pakistani authorities described the men as college students with intent on waging war against, quote, infidels towards the atrocities committed by them against muslims around the world. defense attorneys remain confident the men will remain freed but the accusations have taken a hard toll on the family. >> very difficult. very difficult. >> reporter: the defense is expected to cast the five as curious
and its standardization agency. its location in norfolk, virginia, allows it to easily leverage u.s. ideas and expertise but the transformation command can be a key bridge between nato and the european union which has no parallel organization. properly funded a.c.t. can strengthen capability capability ts on both sides of the atlantic. i'll be back next sunday morning at 11:00. have a great week.
are words we are very proud of, and given them to the university of virginia, where there is a center named for albert. thank you, albert. >> with that brief encomium, i would like to open up the table for questions. if you ask a question, either be at a microphone or wait for one of the traveling microphones to get to you. before you ask the question, introduce yourself and mention your organization. do we have an opening question? >> i am with the hudson institute. i am very interested in your civility campaign. i am in favor of it. one thing i often noticed that contributes to the lack of civility is the sense that when your team makes the argument but when the other team does it you should filibuster. when the republicans are the majority, they think the filibuster is terrible. they switch sides depending on where they stand. i think that contributes. but i am interested in your thoughts about where the breakdown of civility came from and what we can do to make it better. >> first, america has always had issues. walt whitman used to talk about "an athletic democracy." things were rugged
virginia team, in injured his need -- injuries his knee on this collision. it was officially ruled a torn acl for butler. and his coach is often criticized but got a lot of points when he consoled his star and hugged him. duke wins 78-57 and will play butler monday night. here is coach kay. >> it is unbelievably gratifying because that's what college is about. college isn't about what i've done before, college is about what they're doing right now. and so, yeah, we're all into the moment of their moment. >>> brad stevens, 33 years young, head coach of butler taking on michigan state. tied all the way. final minutes, haywood lines up the baseline but the bulldogs pass the board and back to hey word. butler up 4. two seconds to go, spartans down 2. cory luscious tries to miss the second rebound and he misses but butler gets it and seals it for the home school from indy, butler will play for a national championship. here is the post game locker room. >> that's butter basketball. you find a way to get things done. you find a way to get things done. we'll do it monday. [ overlapping speakers ]
, at the university of virginia law school, always told me that we mispronounce it, -- it should have been called "tea-fra", tea for two. it was a remarkable solo performance by dole to deal with the problem we find insurmountable now, which is dealing with the deficit. at that time, we had very high interest rates. --i in the order of 18%. dole and members of the finance committee met with paul volcker, and he said if you pass a big package that cuts the deficit by a specified amount, he would ease off on interest rates. that was the motive they had, and the members of the finance committee, particularly republicans, it took that as a challenge, and we put together in 1982, and tefra was the tax piece, but there was a spending cuts piece. it was the three-legged stool. it was tax increases, spending cuts, and interest savings. it did get enacted, and volcker cut interest rates and that broke the back on high interest rates. it was a remarkable payoff for the country. it was a political exercise. while the compromise with people, -- while he compromised with people, he put together that package withou
them to a farmer in gainsville, virginia to feed his cattle. >> we pay him $100 a month in gas to get it from us. >> reporter: for cap city it is a start. the major breweries are going even farther. they are capturing the co 2 creating by fermentation. if you look at the tanks, you can recapture that the co2 and not only use it in the brewing process but as a heating element for the brewery. >> reporter: also taking the spent biomass from the soggy grains and turning it into ethanol. >> they are selling 1.5 million gallons of ethanol to refineries that they are mixing it with gasoline. >> smaller breweries are 100% wind powered and some using full cells to operate. >> solar power and fuel cell technology for the small brewers is easier and the larger brewers are paying attention and seeing their applications for them to use as well. >> reporter: americans consume 7 billion gallons of beer a year. that's also a lot of cans and bottles, anheuser-busch is recycling 700 billion cans a year. consumers need to get the spent cans and bottles it the recyclers as well. they remind us to drink
park, 75. annapolis is cooler at 63. westminster, 73. 72 at romney in west virginia. 64 at the hearing -- at mchenry. some very nice weather. here is the one disturbance with the thunderstorm in missouri and illinois. you can see the puffy clouds. the spring thunderstorms season is under way. the one cool front went through without much effect. it is offshore. high-pressure gives us a good day tomorrow. here is the next disturbance coming in. it cannot work with much moisture. moisture is limited. it does not look like a huge threat to our weather in the next couple of days. mostly cool overnight. 50 to 55, the overnight winds light and westerly. here is the system out to the west moving from the planes into the great lakes. the emphasis will probably be north of us. the key to our weather here is warm and sunny, maybe a shower to the north late in the day. 77 to 81 is the high. that is 5 degrees warmer than it was today. south wins, 5 deale 10 knots. -- south winds, 5 to 10 knots. but temperatures may be a little cooler than inland. here is our insta-weather futurecast. at 6:00, here
had the 8-inning performance last week against virginia tech. when your team makes five errors behind you, it's going to be tough to go 6 innings. he came with his innings with 85 pitches throwing already. he should be over his 100 pitch mark. >> jason: past cooney and the shortstop has trouble with it, but blair recovered and the stretch by lopez and this could be trouble for wake forest. lopez could be the third 1st baseman this week injured for the demon deacons. and it looks like his left hamstring. pretty unbelievable stuff as that's the end of things for the hurricanes on the groundout by pelaez. we will check on the healthof we come back. >> jason: hurricanes leading the demon deacons in inning number 6. join veteran award winning broadcasters mike bell and suzanne golden each day. they will take 12:00 p.
. there are a number of instances where shoes, false heels were used. there is a case in virginia that we know of. there is also a spy who carried messages from london to paris to benjamin franklin. he used false heels on his boots to carry the message. washington's deception. the one thing i do have to say about washington. for somebody who never told a lie, he certainly stretched the truth about a lot. up in cambridge when he first takes over the american army, they were down actually nine rounds per man. nine shots, that was it. as far as the gunpowder they actually had in the camp. he notes there was british spies going around the american camp so what he did was, he had a shipment of barrels brought up from providence, rhode island, mark gunpowder. the only problem is, inside the barrels with sand. so the british spies would go back and report that the americans had plenty of gunpowder and they would able to keep the seat siege up for a long time. he also did a thing called truth multiplication at moorestown. after the battles of trenton and princeton, the american army goes up decamp moores
at virginia commonwealth university where i taught creative writing. i am going on to accept a job at the university of richmond in the fall teaching american studies. >> when ginnie comes marching home is the name of of the boo >> every year the national press club hosts an author's night. author of 14 books. a new book out called defenders of faith. let's start with the basic questions. >> the holy roman emperor. the tenth sultan of the ottoman empire. the two came into a clash in vienna in 1527 and 1532. really was a clash of empires and the clash of civilizations and the clash of religions. we think after 9/11 we were the only ones that never had this experience of jihad versus crusade, but this is what i have been really doing for the last four books, reminding people of episodes in history where christianity and islam came into conflict. >> what was the result? >> well, the result was that the ottoman turks, the islamic forces. had they not been stopped what he wanted to do was go all the way to the rhine river. had he prevailed europe would had been islamic in 1527. so it i
of west virginia? in 1973 as a 16 year-old reporter for his high school newspaper, he sent a letter to william f. buckley asking for an interview when he came to speak at a nearby college. well, mr. buckley never responded until just the day before his speech when the western union telegrams arrived at charles' doorstep telling charles to me mr. buckley after the lecture. charles got more than interview. mr. buckley became his bridge from the oak hill coal fields to the confines of the harvard yard. the rest is history. today charles serves as the distinguished prof. of government at claremont college, and editor of the claremont review of books. his articles on contemporary politics appear in open with the wall street journal" and other newspapers and journals. let's welcome to the region to university platform william f. buckley's longtime friend of 35 years, charles kessler, to address ronald reagan and modern liberalism. [applause] >> thank you very much. it is a great pleasure to be here today. after i met bill buckley at the charleston airport, he offered to write me a letter
, and the history of white people. later, the ambassador to the u.s.s.r. on mikhail's role. and from the virginia festival of the books, rebecca skloot. find the entire schedule on >> if you have a process where it takes years to get an answer, and you are bogged down in the courts, which is what is threatening the industry now, that is not a good answer for anyone, and certainly does not make the agency affected. former congressman on calling for the federal government to take a fresh look at communications policy. monday night. "washington journal" continues. host: jonathan is our border with the dailycaller. congress is in recess right now. what they doing back in their districts? what is the agenda when they return? guest: many people think that members of congress are lazy and always taking vacations, but when you work in washington they're working pretty hard at home over the brakes. they are doing all kinds of events in their districts, at least most of them. town halls, meetings, county fairs, or breakfasts. they're usually pretty busy at home, getting a feel for what constitu
, virginia. and i gladly took that job, having no other alternatives. in march of that year, senator dole, having been elected majority leader the price or your, spend his weekends campaigning for others. -- majority leader the prior year. he needed someone available on weekends, would work seven days a week. i had the added advantage of being from kansas. i was asked to go on the campaign trail and went to michigan early in 1986. we hit it off. we had a personal relationship. i proceeded to travel with him a round of the united states and abroad for the next 15 years. during that period, i had a number of roles, all of which work for his campaign committees. i worked as his personal aide or the body boy in his 1988 presidential campaign. in 1989, i came to kansas in managed his senate field office. in 1992, i managed his final reelection campaign to the senate. following that, i helped to manage as a national political action committee. i was living in kansas. prior to the 1994 campaign, that was the end of the road. i did not seek for their campaigns in kansas or nationally. -- did not
he joined the faculty of the virginia law school. in 1971, he became the council to the white house office of telecommunications policy. he served as chair of the administrative conference of the united states from 1972 to 1974. he was appointed assistant attorney general of the office of legal counsel in the department of justice in 1974. in 1977, after half a year as a resident scholar at the american enterprise institute here in washington, he returned to teaching at the university of chicago law school. he was also a visiting professor at the law schools at georgetown and stanford universities. president ronald reagan appointed justice scalia to the united states court of appeals for the district of columbia in the 1982 -- in 1982. four years later, president reagan nominated him to serve on the supreme court. the senate confirmed his appointment on september 17, 1986. that was almost 24 years ago. justice stephen breyer was going in san francisco, california. he received a b.a. in philosophy from stanford university, a b.a. at magdalene college and oxford university as a marsha
happen in our first term. they are trying to avoid what happened in new jersey and virginia and massachusetts. >> they could be thinking that way. i think the republicans are saying hold tight we are going to do well in november. we'll come back with more numbers next year to fight these battles why fight them now. >> some are going to fear we may not get as many gains as we want that's the debate the republicans are going to be having. when we come back the legal challenges to obama care. 15 states are suing, saying the new law is unconstitutional. do they have a case? of every day, 7,000 boomers reach retirement age. and they are rewriting what it means to retire. at merrill lynch, we have over 15,000 financial advisors to help you create a strategy to consolidate, manage, and invest your assets, which could make your second act better than your first. merrill lynch wealth management. ♪ this is your paintbrush. the john deere select series with dozens of attachments and the only four-year limited bumper-to-bumper warranty in its class. ♪ the question is, what will you
, new york, pennsylvaniaed on west virginia. >> schieffer: you think it could be a civilian trial. >> osgood: the >> they could do did on the naval base and a criminal trial and it raise as a host of other concerns and why not leave it in a military commission maybe off the coast of florida. >> i think they could be tried at guantanamo. with one thing have you to remember the trials are largely for show whether they're in the civilian or military court because the administration made it clear, there's no way no matter the vermon verdict that going to walk free and in the end it could be the administration ends up with the same kind of enemy combatant ill-defined policy the bush administration had. >> that's part of the problem. they wanted to distinguish themselves and at the same time the difficulty is trying to convince the rest of the american population that having this domestic trial is best suited for them and you don't know what the terrorists show you and the return to american home-grown terror is the real news not that militia in michigan are sprouting wings but they pav
reported a bomb at the virginia station late this afternoon and as a precaution, the yellow and blue line trains were rerouted. service was restored about 7:30 tonight. >>> it was just a little overcast today. >> just a little, but it was still a good day and that didn't stop people from enjoying the sun when it peeked through. >> many people were at the inner harbor to enjoy the spring weather. >> it's an awesome day to take in god's glory. >> tents were in the high 60s. you need a jacket, but an awesome beautiful, breezy day. how is the easter forecast shaping up? >> we had another beautiful day outside today. a couple of more clouds, which kept the temperatures down. 60 in baltimore. 62 in d.c. cooler towards the coast. 96 dover. 71 in hagerstown and 63 in oakland. those winds still out of the southwest. they'll be bringing in a sea breeze out there. six miles an hour in baltimore. five in d.c. 15 slowly starting to shift towards the northwest. we had a dry cold front that pushed through our region. that's going to shift the wind towards the northwest overnight tonight. fo
virginia. while duke dominated from the opening tip with a final score of 78-57 over the mountaineers. now to the cinderella story of the tournament. butler, the butler bulldogs take down yet another college basketball favorite. gordon hayward with 19 points and 9 rebounds led the bulldogs to a 53-50 victory over michigan state. butler will have home field advantage when the state's number one seated duke tomorrow night in the hoosier state. the national championship game, the only place to see little butler face mighty duke right here on wjz 13. our exclusive coverage starts tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. it is the championship game of the ncaa march madness now turning into april celebration or sadness depending on which side of the ball you're on. >> i love the cinderella stories. >> you never know when you start with 64, 65 teams wisconsin one it is going to be. >> that is what makes it fun. >> definitely a good day to sit in. actually, not a good day to sit in. you want to be outside. gorgeous day. you need your sunglasses today. >> find the easter eggs. >> easter egg hunts in recent yea
of recruits that we have to new jersey and virginia much like '93 and 2005 they were early indicators of where the country is going. the country is frustrated and angry at the arrogance of washington. doesn't mean they are happy republicans but he are upset with the arrogance of washington. i think republicans have an opportunity. when you look at the election it is not just about politics. i do want republicans to do well but this is really more importantly about america. i'm very proud to be an american. i want my children to have that pride. i want every child to have that pride. this is about the direction of where america is going to go. >> chris: when you talk about the arrogance of washington, are you suggesting that more than the economy, more than healthcare or even the reach of government that this general distaste with the arrogance or the overreach of washington as you call it, that that is really going to be the key issue in november? >> i think it's going to be about jobs. it's going to be about liberty. it going to be about listening to the individual and hope and prosperity. do
. the blue devils overwhelming west virginia 78-57. duke's first final since winning the title nine years ago. you something about osteoporosis you don't already know. it runs in families - my mother has it, and now i have it. so even though i tried to keep my bones strong, it wasn't enough. now, once-monthly boniva is helping me do more. it didn't just stop my bone loss. boniva worked with my body to stop and reverse my bone loss. and studies show, after one year on boniva, nine out of ten women stopped and reversed theirs, too. (announcer) don't take boniva if you have low blood calcium, severe kidney disease, or can't sit or stand for at least one hour. follow dosing instructions carefully. stop taking boniva and tell your doctor if you have difficult or painful swallowing, chest pain or severe or continuing heartburn, as these may be signs of serious upper digestive problems. if jaw problems or severe bone, joint, and/or muscle pain develop, tell your doctor. you've got one body and one life, so don't wait. ask your doctor if boniva can help you stop losing and start reversing. (announcer
. maryland falls to west virginia 11-10. hopkins playing host to carolina. see that shot off the post? that kind of day for johns hopkins. carolina going the other way. 0 billy bitter maybe the best player in lacrosse. hopkins had its moments of grandeur. great passing. blocks that one. blue jays in front. 4-3. they can't hold the lead. jimmy gets the pick. can't keep him back. he will do that. cla versus 10-0 on the season. 11-7. winners. see you back here tonight at 6:00. >> "meet the press" next. >> this is good! [closed captioning provided by the national captioning institute] >> the arrival of warmer temperatures have put an end to winter. the orioles are days away from a record losing streak. this year's borleborles is something we have not seen in decades at camden yards. hope. president of baseball operations has built a team ancored by some of baseball's most young promising talent -- jones, wieders, and a pitching staff that shows glimpses into the future during spring training. the return of a seemingly ageless miguel sna tejada makes this year's borleborles a team worth ke
in. >> host: tanya's joining us from virginia beach. go ahead, please. tanya, you with us? >> caller: oh, yes. >> host: please, go ahead. >> caller: oh, so wonderful to talk to you, mr. dean. >> guest: thank you. >> caller: you know, when i watched watergate, i was in my early 50s, but one thing i haven't heard anything is martha mitchell. because i used to watch this program, and they were saying that she was drugged and kidnapped and sent to california because she was talking too much. is that true? >> guest: no, she wasn't, she actually was in california when that incident happened. i liked martha. i knew her well, i knew her from my time at the opportunity of justice -- department of justice. she was a wonderful, charming personality. very southern, always the life of a party. but, unfortunately, she had a drinking problem, and when she had just a couple extra martinis, she'd get on the phone, and she was trouble. and most of the things she said were terribly exaggerated, and that was the sad part. but she's well remembered, and that's the nice part. >> host: james is joining us
this was astroturf. after they lost elections in virginia and new jersey and massachusetts, more democrats realize they were something profound going on here. this isn't a small number of folks. this isn't astroturf. this is genuine grassroots anger. america is a center-right nation but there is a faustian bargain some republicans are making by trying to benefit politically from people who pump up hagan hyperpartisanship. on the pragmatic level extremists are their own worst enemy. they overreach them provoke a broad-based backlash. bad news. but there is a deeper element of concern as well, because there is a cost. there is a cost to all of this incitement. when dick armey, former house majority leader who has been a promoter of the tea party movement is quoted at one major rally saying nearly every important office in washington d.c. today is occupied by someone with an aggressive dislike for heritage, our freedom, our history and our constitution. when you stir that up, when you are stirring up hate and fear in the service of hyperpartisanship you are playing with forces that can easily get out
forward. >> i started behind a cosmetic counter in richmond, virginia, and i knew that i had the ability very, very young, to make women look fabulous. and so many people that i work with had that same ability. so what i had to do is i had to find a way to set myself apart. what i started doing is teaching women how to apply their makeup. so that was my first point of difference. and with that i became an instant success. start a business when you're competing against these huge giants in cosmetics, it's not easy so you really have to look at your point of difference. what are you going to have that they don't have. i had these fabulous makeup brushes that i had cut and women asked me every day, if they could buy them. i took my brushes, brought them to a manufacturer, had them duplicated at the highest level of quality, and that's how my business started. everything i do is into it. everything i do i take so personally. my clients, some of them have been with me for generations, their children come to me, even their grandchildren come to me. to me, my client tells me what my next step s
're trying to gin up the base and enthusiasm for what happened in virginia, new jersey and massachusettsments they could be thinking that way, but i think the republicans are saying hold tight we're going to do well in november and we'll come back with more numbers and fight the battles. why should we fight them now. >> if they oppose these things some may fear we may not get as many gains as we want. that's the debate the republicans are going to be having. okay, when we come back, the legal challenges to obama care. 15 states are suing, saying the new law is unconstitutional. [ male announcer ] when you buy a car, what are you really buying? a shiny coat of paint? a list of features? what about the strength of the steel? the integrity of its design... or how it responds... in extreme situations? the deeper you look, the more you see the real differences. and the more you understand what it means to own a mercedes-benz. the c-class. the engineering of mercedes-benz. starting at $33,600. ♪ still haven't tried activia? listen to this story. my problem was occasional irregularity. my commerci
virginia. the coach has his kids firing on all sill ders. duke leading by seven. west virginia shot well for a while. lee flowers up. the big fellow can jock down the three. a little defense. the steal. his shot won't fall. they combine for the slam. a technical foul hanging on the rim. no matters. just too good. last night, blue devils victorious. 78-57. your national championship game, it is said, you have butler versus duke. if anybody had that in their barack et, i would -- bracket, i would like to talk to them so we can get our pool done. i'm pete schourek gilbert. see you back here tonight at 6:00. >> baltimore county executive jim smith and others are breaking ground on a new park to honor the county's olympians. >> it will be at the towson circle. it will feature individual column monuments with the name and medal achievements of baltimore county residents. the first three olympians to be honored will be michael phelps, hoff, and long. >> it is 5:53. 55 degrees on tv hill. here's a look ahead to our next hour of "11 news sunday morning." >> rezzdenlts aren't help about an under a
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